Hi guys!

Lisa is still on vacay (8 days to go…) and Patra is trying her best to keep me busy and occupied.  This afternoon while hangin’ outside, I took it upon myself to stand guard on a special kind of patrol. . . Poop Patrol.  You see, some inconsiderate human has been neglecting to clean up after their pup, even near the signs!  This is not right, so Binky and I are on the lookout for the culprit!

Keeping alert!

Hovering and ready to spring into action if necessary!

These signs are all over,
but someone is pretending to NOT to see them…

Don’t even THINK about it, buddy, ’cause I’ll see ya!!!

They should set up cameras to do this job,
’cause I’m pooped! (Ha-Ha-Ha!!)

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We need you in our neighborhood! The poopers are running rampant around here!!

PS: Mom says she would love to babysit you till your mom gets back!!

Macks last blog post..Just me….

You’re a great guard dog! I would never poop infront of you!!!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

OMdoG.. I saw on the sign taht you can get sent to jail for not following the law!! My mom would like to have you in our neighbourhood cos we have come across a lot of poops taht were left behind by some inconsiderate owners..

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