As it’s been so terribly hot and humid lately, My Lisa has been taking me out early in the mornings to hang out on the lawn after our first walk of the day.  Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of shade that early, so she tries to keep my leash short so I can’t go too far into the sun.

Usually, our “Morning Sunshine Sessions” go something like this:

“Ohh, Leeeesie!  It’s so vewwy early! I’m hawdly even awake yet!”

“Winston, you MUST stay in the shade, ok?

(I am wearing my best “I’m paying close attention” face)

“Leeesie, you’re not giving me much woom to work with, here!”

ME (to myself):
“Ok, she’s not looking, maybe I can twy to sneak into the sun…”

“WINNIE!  Get back in the shade!”
“Dag-nabbit!  Caught wed-handed! – – – Ok, FINE!”

ME (to myself):
“Then I will dig in the dirt and eat the shwubs, na na na- na na na!”
“WINNIE!  Stop eating the shrubs!!  YUCK!”

“Fine.  I suppose I’ll just stay and pway in the shade then.
Leeesie, You’re no fun!”

“If I hafta stay in the shade, then no more pho-toes!”

I said no more photos, so she took video, instead (humph!):

See you soon!

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Hi, Winnie!
Here is hot and humid too!
My mom has to go to work very early in the morning and comes back at 6 pm. She is afraid to go out when is dark. So, as soon as she comes home we go out for my walkie. Very hot and sunny. We try to be in the shade but I am like you… I love the sun!
I like your video. Were you playing kissy camera??
Kisses and hugs

Lorenzas last blog post..Funny sky

Winston, dude, You have to get your Lisa to get you an umbrella to hook on your collar so that no matter where you walk, you are always in the shade. Or better yet, she should follow you every where you go with an umbrella. There’s just no better solution.


Sophie Bradors last blog post..

You are one handsome bully boy!
Mom & I haven’t been on walkies in like forever because where we live the humidity is unbearable! I can’t wait till it gets cooler (which will be at the earliest November!) 🙁

Macks last blog post..Yes I’m OLD!!

Hi Winnie,

It is very hot where I live too. Mommy makes me wear a vest called a “swamp cooler” which is all wet to keep me cool. Not only is it not pink, but I HATE getting wet even when it is hot. Its so embarrassing.

You look very handsome in your photos and video.


omdog it is so incredibly hot here too, but I like to be in the sun. The humans just don’t get it!!! I like your paying attention face!!!

Joe Stainss last blog post..Back Home

Hi, Winston…

I like to be in the sun, too…My Mom always tries to get me to stay in the shade…

I love the video…You really like close ups don’t you??

Abby xxxooo

Abbys last blog post..My Mom is Too Busy for Me this Weekend…


How goes it my man! The heat…I know, it’s a killer. My human always asks about the tongue factor. She feels that the longer it is, the hotter I must be. Please, let those hairless fools have a full body of hair and see if their tongues don’t hang out!

Hehehe, keep cool!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Hi Winston,
It’s hot and humid where I live… and it’s like this the WHOLE year round.. *sigh*.. it’s unfair isn’t it?
Hope your girl made you some Frosty Paws…

Hey Winston,

It’s really hot and humid here too. I HATE it when its too hot.

I love that upclose video of you, were you trying to give everyone bulldog kisses????? hee hee

Frenchie Snorts

Balboas last blog post..I’m BAAAAAACK

Mom and dad’s Bulldog Bubba used to LOVE to worship the sun! Not us though! It’s way too hot! We think you should listen to your mom, Winnie!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

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