Ok, guys, let me just say that it has been sooooo warm this week! And the next several days are supposed to be the first “heat wave” of the summer, in the 90’s! So being as I won’t be able to go out much, I tried to get as much outside relaxing in as possible the last few days:

When I wasn’t laying out, I was ALL OVER this water bottle, I think it was my favorite toy today!

You know, all that sunbathing is EXHAUSTING! Thank Dog for fluffy pillows and cozy beds:

See you all soon!

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Hi, Winston…

Yeah summer is great as long as the air conditioning is on…It’s been really hot here, too…One day it was 70 & then the next day it was 95…

Aren’t those water bottles fun??? My Mom gets all crazy that I might swallow the cap…Does she think I’m stupid??

Abby xxxooo

Hey Winnie, It’s crazy hot here too. Man! I need a water bottle.

You look like you are having a very busy summer Winnie! It it hot here in Chicago and mommy makes we wear a wet coat called a “swamp cooler.” Its isn’t as cute as my other stuff but it does make me feel cooler.

Hi, Winnie!
You look adorable in that last picture!
Here we had 106 degrees today! To hot to be outside!
Glad you enjoyed playing with that water bottle! I love them too!
Kisses and hugs

Hi Winston,
I think it’s time you get your humans to make you some frosty treats to cool you down in the hot weather! *wink*

Dude I know what you mean. Too hot. I have a batch of frosty paws waiting for me in the freezer.

oooo.. i hate hot weather.. it makes me dull…

Hi Winnie!!

FOund your site thru Goofy, how could I miss out this cutie???
You are such a adorable pal & you have a great blog.

slurpy licks,

We’ve got the same nasty temps, Winnie! Aren’t they just horrible! You’ve got a great idea playing with that bottle to keep busy!
Stay cool!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

oh winnie…I could just snuggle up right next to you. I just love laying on pillows too! stay cool…us smushy-faced pups need to stay cool and hydrated!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

I hear ya fella. I get hotter so much quicker than my sissies.
But having a handsome smooshy face is worth it huh?

Winston! I feel your pain man! This heat is horrible! It’s been over 110 here is AZ! Monsoons will be coming soon I think. Right now, it’s just hot. Thank goodness my human got me my own personal pool! Tell your mom to give you a pool! It will totally help you when you’re hot!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Hi Winston,

I think you’re so huggable 🙂
psstt… water bottles are my favorite toy too

Pochi poronchi

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