Hi guys!

Lisa is still on vacay (8 days to go…) and Patra is trying her best to keep me busy and occupied.  This afternoon while hangin’ outside, I took it upon myself to stand guard on a special kind of patrol. . . Poop Patrol.  You see, some inconsiderate human has been neglecting to clean up after their pup, even near the signs!  This is not right, so Binky and I are on the lookout for the culprit!

Keeping alert!

Hovering and ready to spring into action if necessary!

These signs are all over,
but someone is pretending to NOT to see them…

Don’t even THINK about it, buddy, ’cause I’ll see ya!!!

They should set up cameras to do this job,
’cause I’m pooped! (Ha-Ha-Ha!!)


So, by the 7th day that Lisa had been away, Patra had taken me to PETCO a few times.  She can tell that I get a bit lonely for My Lisa sometimes and she knows that I just LOOOVE PETCO, so off we went!  (sorry for the quality of the photos, they are from Patra’s phone, which is OLD).

Today when we went, I picked out this little stuffed cow.
Isn’t he cute?  He’s so squishy and soft. The only
problem is that his squeak does not pierce human ears!

I just love him so much, that he is now my new bedtime toy!
This is me and Mr. Cow at about 2am, squeaking away. . .

This new toy got Patra to thinking . . . (oh, no!!), “Winnie, you have sooooo many toys, you don’t even pay attention to many of them!”  With that, she set out to weed through my collection of “silent friends” to thin out the heard:

Oh, my goodness, what was I to do?  There was no way I could hide all or even most of them on such short notice!  So, I decided to appeal to her soft and mushy side:

“Paych, please don’t get rid of any of my friends!
I’ll play with ALL of them tomorrow,
I promise! I love ALL of them!!!”

After a bit of negotiation, she did not throw even ONE toy out, on the condition that I let her WASH THEM!  I had no choice but to agree to her terms.  As awful as that sounds, it was a small price to pay to save my friends!